Cambridge Community Center
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Our Mission

Executive Summary

For the past 20 years numerous community groups (People in Partnership, the Cambridge Recreation Board, Cambridge Crossroads and others) have recognized the need for additional activity facilities in the Cambridge/Jeffersonville area. The location of this facility, in the center of the Village of Jeffersonville, directly adjacent to the school and within easy walking distance of the historic village center, the Mann’s Meadow housing complex, and village businesses, along with ample room for parking and lovely views of the Brewster River and Mt. Mansfield, is excellent. With over a 25% growth in the Lamoille County population since 1990, rising transportation costs to travel to Chittenden County for similar programs, and an increased awareness of the need for regular physical activity, a sports and fitness center in Jeffersonville has the potential to become a central feature of community life. Due to rising enrollments in the Cambridge Elementary School and its associated after-school (CAP) and Enrichment programs, there is a growing need for additional educational spaces, and the community also lacks adequate space for adult education, and fine and performing arts programs.

With that being said, the principal goal of the business is to make available a wide variety of recreational and educational activities to all area residents, emphasizing health and well-being. There will be a special emphasis on reaching high-risk groups such as pre-teens, teenagers and the elderly to help combat teenage delinquency, substance abuse, depression and lack of physical fitness. Programs will be developed for children and adults of all ages and socioeconomic groups. The Center will host community recreation activities and special events such as Fun Runs, tournaments, art shows, equipment sales, performing arts events, etc. It is our objective to improve the quality of life for the community by providing entertainment, activities, workout facilities, and a space that can be utilized for as many different necessary purposes as people see fit.

In summary, there is a significant market in the Cambridge-Jeffersonville area for a facility that can provide programs and space for recreation and fitness, education and arts programs and activities. Given the lack of any comparable facilities in Cambridge-Jeffersonville and several of the surrounding towns and villages, we anticipate being able to capture at least half of the area market for these types of activities.

Business Description

Vision: CCC will be a multi-activity recreation, arts, and educational complex providing a wide variety of activities for people of all ages, including individual fitness equipment and programs, group fitness activities, team sports, performing and visual arts and continuing education. The facility is ideally situated in the historic village center of Jeffersonville, adjacent to the elementary school and nearby elderly housing complex.

Mission Statement

Purpose: To improve the quality of life of the residents of Cambridge, Vermont and surrounding communities by providing opportunities for physical activities, social interaction, and lifelong education.